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Get Fit – Hiking and Biking in Orangeville

Biking in orangeville apartmentsStaying active and healthy is a great way to ensure you do not miss out on activities and experiences this summer. There are many fun, physical and heart-healthy activities that you can do to keep your body strong and in shape. Hiking and biking are just a few options available. Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management offer Orangeville apartments that are surrounded by scenic routes and trails that allow you to take in all the beauty of Orangeville. With trails that are perfect for those who are hardcore riders and runners and those who simply enjoy a relaxing stroll every once in a while, Orangeville is a breathtaking and ideal hiking and biking spot for all.

Hiking & Trails

One option is the Island Lake Conservation Area, which boasts 332 hectares of lakes, forests and meadows and offers recreational activities all year round. For the warmer months, canoes, kayaks and fishing are activities that you are most likely to see. However, in the cooler months, ice fishers, skaters, snow-shoers and cross-country skiers often populate the area. Within the conservation area are the Lake Island Trails, which are a great choice if you plan to hike, bike or take a leisurely wander through the surrounding nature. Located on Hurontario Street, the Embassy Apartments are seven minutes away by car and for those who decide to walk it is 29 minutes away. The Mill Place Apartments are also quite close to the conservation area taking eight minutes by car and 28 minutes if you choose to walk.

Explore 18 kilometres of multi-use trails in Monora Park on bikes, skies or on your feet with your pet in tow. The trails are set within Monora’s 40-acre natural park and are regularly groomed and maintained to preserve their aesthetic appeal. The Orangeville apartments are less than ten minutes away by car and a 35-minute walk from the park located at 500 Monora Park Drive.

Hiking is also a great group activity and the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club is just one of nine member clubs that comprises the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Renowned as Canada’s longest footpath, the Bruce Trail boasts over 850 kilometers of trail that runs through Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, the Boyne Valley Provincial Park and Pine Fishing Area. Amidst lush meadows and sky-scraping cliff tops, this picturesque landscape is perfect for hikers of all ages. It is also conveniently located just one hour away from the apartments.  For a list of the existing trails in Orangeville, visit the city’s tourism website here.



 Reward yourself after a heart-pumping bike ride with one of the best views that Orangeville has to offer at the Mono Cliffs. There are an assortment of individual trails that all combine to make for a beautiful and challenging bike ride. However, if you choose to use this path, keep in mind it is a shared space between cyclists and hikers so be respectful of other trail users. For those who are interested in mountain biking, the Albion Hills Conservation Area is known for hosting a variety of racing events. Visitors can also enjoy camping, picnicking, swimming and soaking in the sights.  With the Orangeville apartments only 20 minutes away from the conservation area, this trip is perfect for the day or for the weekend. If you would prefer to explore the city on your bicycle, Orangeville has some Neighborhood Cycling Routes available on low volume roads and multi-use trails. For other inquiries or information about other Williams and McDaniel Properties, please click here.