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Make more room: Creative storage tips

Make your apartment feel like it has an abundance of room by taking note of some creative storage solutions. With these solutions you can utilize space you did not think you had and cleverly hide away odds and ends when guests come over to your Orangeville apartment. Our preferred property management company, Williams an

 Double-Duty Furniture/ Furniture Additions

Give your furniture a face-lift by making new additions and minor alterations. These changes will give residents new places and spaces to stow away their belongings and seasonal goodies. Make the most of your wall space with this ‘Superwoman’ Built-In Bookcase. This solution surrounds the door or window with purchased units or cabinets giving off a built-in appearance. Residents can also make the most of limited space by using or creating a headboard that features built-in storage for books, stuffed animals or precious keepsakes.


Covert Storage


Instead of filling drawers and cupboards, tuck seasonal wear, accessories and clothes that you use less frequently under beds. Use flat, clear containers available at Walmart for beds that have additional space underneath them. Located at 95 1st Street, Walmart is a five-minute drive and less than 20-minute walk from the Embassy apartments and Mill Place apartments. In order to avoid aimlessly rummaging through boxes to find a particular item, do not forget to label what each box contains or colour-code lids to correspond to different categories. If there is minimal or no room under the bed, it can be placed on a platform with pullout drawers or elevated so that under-bed storage boxes can be used. Purchasing a bed with built-in storage like these ones manufactured by Ikea are another option worth integrating into your abode. Ikea, which is located 52-minutes away from both the apartments at 200 Interchange Way, stocks a wide selection of storage options that can smoothly slide under most beds.

Hanging and Vertical Storage

 There is a lot to be said for making use of vertical space. Large amounts of items can be neatly stacked or hung, which does wonders for saving space and making enough room for all your apartment essentials. Keep your children’s books close by, while avoiding clutter by creating a hanging book display like this one by ‘Penny Carnival.’ If you would prefer to solve your storage dilemma using things you already have, there are a variety of hacks like this Spice Racks into Bookshelves by ‘Ikea Hackers’ that uses pieces you likely already have in your house. These crafty approaches to storage will allow you to utilize wall space that was not being used before and free up space on formerly cluttered shelves and tabletops. Hanging organizers that slip over doors or hang on the back will also provide you with extra room and free up space in closets, cabinets and pantries. Create impromptu shelving using large wicker or decorative baskets that are stacked one on top of the other and fill them with fruits, vegetables, dish towels or those miscellaneous items that never seem to find a home. Baskets neatly displayed on shelves or simply stacked on their own are a great way to give the appearance of neatness when you don’t have enough time to clean. For a more rustic, country-inspired look, wine crates, pallets and empty bookshelves offer up cost-effective storage alternatives that can be tailored to your space. For additional tips that make the most of your space, the ‘Curby’ 7 Creative Storage Solutions to Curb the Clutter, ‘Decorating Files’ Small Space Storage post and ‘Apartment Therapy’ 10 Smart Storage Idea from Small Spaces provide invaluable advice.


Give these creative storage techniques a go the next time you feel strapped for space and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Located on 8 First Avenue and 17 Church Street, the Embassy apartments and Mill Place apartments in Orangeville are situated within walking distance of downtown and the fresh and sweet produce of the Local Farmer’s Market.