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Get fit with an activity tracker

apartments for rent in Orangeville, fitness, technology, Orangeville Apartments, Apartments Orangeville, Apartments for Rent in Orangeville, Orangeville apartment rentals, Apartments in Orangeville, Apartment rentals in Orangeville, Orangeville Apartments for RentWhile you may want to get fit for spring, it can sometimes be can difficult to track your progress and stay on top of your fitness goals. Luckily, there are a variety of activity and fitness trackers available that will motivate you and illustrate how much you’re improving. To help Orangeville apartment residents get started tracking their physical fitness, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has compiled a few activity trackers that will keep fitness at the forefront.



The Moves app automatically records any running, cycling or walking you do and allows you to view the duration, distance, steps and calories burned for each activity. You won’t have to worry about starting and stopping this tracker, as it is always on. Simply keep it in your jacket pocket or the bag you use daily. Set a daily goal of how far you want to walk, such as 10,000 steps per day. Seeing the exercise you do on a daily basis will help you achieve those bigger fitness goals. With small changes here and there you can adopt healthier habits and lose weight in a natural and safe way. “Moves” is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


Argus  – Motion and Fitness Tracker by Azumoi

Turn your iPhone into an advanced fitness and health device with the Argus Fitness Tracker App. This app monitors and manages your food intake, workouts, sleep, weight and vitals and hydration levels, to give you important data points that will improve your well-being and help you reach your health goals. Argus was designed to use minimal amounts of power, while also giving users the maximum amount of information including GPS mapping of running, cycling and driving, coffee and tea consumption and 24/7 step and active calorie counter. Whether you’re walking around the Orangeville Apartment complex or the Island Lake Conservation Area, you’ll have all your fitness-related stats at your fingertips. The conservation area is a six-minute drive from the Embassy Apartments and a five-minute drive from the Mill Place Apartments.

Manage your exercise, diet and fitness all in one application with Tracker. Backed by a top fitness community on the web, this app will get you in shape by combining world-class fitness plans with calorie and activity tracking. While your phone is the source of the data, it can be automatically synced up to the Tracker website for even more tracking, analysis and features. The app also features FoodScanner, which allows users to take a picture of UPC barcodes of the food they will eat for easy tracking. Having been featured in the NYTimes, Washington Post, Lifehacker and TechCrunch, this app is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to get healthy. Both of the Orangeville apartments are within walking distance of many amenities and the Saturday Farmers Market, which is a mere block away and offers up the perfect opportunity to test out your activity tracker.


Take advantage of technologies and applications that will help you achieve a healthier outlook on life. Located on 8 First Avenue and 17 Church Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Embassy Apartments and Mill Place Apartments are an ideal option for those who are currently looking to rent.