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How to conquer clutter in your Orangeville apartment

Orangeville Apartments, Apartments Orangeville, Apartments for Rent in Orangeville, Orangeville apartment rentals, Apartments in Orangeville, Apartment rentals in Orangeville, Orangeville Apartments for RentWhen you add up all your furniture, appliances, clothing, mail and any other items you currently have in your possession, it is no wonder that clutter keeps finding its way back into your home. While most of us would prefer to procrastinate and leave the cleaning for a rainy day, it is better to get it out of the way and out of mind as soon as possible. Taking action against clutter in your Orangeville Apartment and save yourself a headache. Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some advice that residents of the Embassy Suites and Mill Place Apartments can use when it comes time to conquer the clutter.


Stop Procrastinating

While this piece of advice might seem like common sense, procrastinating is a huge factor clutter accumulation for many people. Putting aside time in your schedule to clean up the apartment at the end of every week or a few designated times each month will make cleaning a part of your routine and will help you stay away from excuses. If there is a certain room in your house or task that you would rather avoid, do this one first instead of leaving it for last. Everything after this hard or tedious task will seem like a piece of cake and you’ll feel better having gotten it out of the way. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry or sorting through the mail, getting it done sooner is the way to go. For those larger home improvement and cleaning endeavours, Canadian Tire and The Home Depot have everything you’ll need to get the job done right. Located at 49 Fourth Avenue, The Home Depot is a two-minute drive and 12-minute walk from the Embassy Suites and a four-minute drive and 15-minute walk from the Mill Place Apartments. Canadian Tire located at 99 First Street is less than a five-minute drive and less than a 25-minute walk from both of the Orangeville Apartments.


Don’t Overload Yourself

If you’re feeling overly ambitious on your cleaning day, remember to stay realistic with your clutter goals. The temptation to pull everything out of drawers, closets, cupboards might be strong, but the odds that you will get to everything all at once are very small. Most likely, you’ll run out of time and end up with a bigger mess than you started with. Tackle your apartment in sections and once you’ve completed one section move on to the next one. This will help you organize your attempt to organize, save your sanity in the process and make the de-cluttering process feel like less of a challenge. Once you’ve sorted through the clutter, place remaining items in stylish and practical storage solutions available at Coles located at 150 First Street, which is a four-minute drive and 22-minute walk from the Mill Place Apartments and a three-minute drive and 17-walk from the Embassy Suites.

Be Honest With Yourself

Whether it’s clothing, furniture, paper documents or kitchen appliances, be honest with yourself and only keep what is necessary. Avoid the habit of holding on to something because you think it might have a purpose in the future. If it is not doing anything for you now, it is better to donate or discard it. You’ll be surprised at how much space can be freed up by asking yourself, “Do I really need this?” and “Will I really use this?” If there are documents or pieces of mail you are unsure of, you can file them away or convert them into digital files that can be stored on your computer without taking up any physical space. Clear out your closet and make a few extra dollars by bringing your clothes to Chez Nous Thrift Boutique located at 70 Broadway in Orangeville’s historic downtown district. Specializing in men’s and women’s pre-owned clothing, accessories and shoes, the store is a great place to drop off those older items and is a one-minute drive and six-minute walk from the Embassy Suites and Mill Place Apartments. If you’re looking to free yourself from extra pieces of furniture and home decor, ChicaBoom is always on the lookout for new buys. Located at 18371 Hurontario Street #5, the store is a six-minute drive from the Embassy Suites and seven-minute drive from the Mill Place Apartments.


Give Yourself Just the Right Amount of Storage

To curb your clutter, only give yourself enough space for things you already own. If you have space to fill you will most likely be tempted to fill it and not necessarily with things that you need. Avoid this whole issue by making room for everything you own and nothing more. This might seem like an impractical idea, but in reality it will prove that you don’t need all the storage space and all the things that are meant to fill it. If you do need more storage space, make a compromise and get rid of something you already own and replace it with the new item.


Remove clutter from your apartment space and breathe easy knowing that it won’t be coming back anytime soon. Located at 8 First Avenue and 17 Church Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Embassy Suites and Mill Place Apartments are a great rental option for those who are looking to rent in Orangeville.