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All natural Easter egg dyes

apartments for rent in Orangeville, holidays, DIY, healthy living, Orangeville Apartments, Apartments Orangeville, Apartments for Rent in Orangeville, Orangeville apartment rentals, Apartments in Orangeville, Apartment rentals in Orangeville, Orangeville Apartments for RentGet ready for Easter by planning and preparing your festive decorations. Keep things natural and chemical free by using natural dyes rather than the pricey store-bought variety. Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some natural dyes that residents of the Embassy Apartments and Mill Place Apartments can use in their elaborate Easter displays.


Start by hard-boiling eggs and letting them cool. Next, it is time to prepare the natural colors that will embellish them. For best results, make each color separately. Bring all your colors to a boil, reduce heat to low, cover for 30 minutes and add 1/8 cup of distilled white vinegar. Below are some natural ingredients that will give Easter eggs a festive pop of color.



Chop one red cabbage into two-inch chunks, cover with water and cook as per the instructions above for a blue hue. Pick up any ingredients you might need at Metro located at 150 First Street. The Mill Place Apartments are a five-minute drive and 21-minute walk from the store.



There are multiple ways to naturally achieve a red color. One method involves one to three pounds of unpeeled, cut red beets. Beet juice is another option. Combine the juice of a can of beets with hot water and submerge your egg into the mixture for a reddish tint.
Rusty Brown

Combine six to eight brown onion skins with water to create a beautiful rusty brown coloring on your eggs.


Use ½ cup of ground coffee mixed with four cups of water for a beige/taupe hue.



If you have overly ripe blueberries, use them to dye your eggs. Simply squeeze them to release the juice and add a few tablespoons of water. Add the eggs into the mixture and in minute you’ll have a gorgeous violet hue. Located at 500 Riddell Road, Sobeys has the ingredients and supplies you need for your Easter decorating. The Embassy Apartments are a seven-minute drive and 45-minute walk from the store.



You can achieve yellow coloring by using three tablespoons of dried turmeric mixed with water or by boiling the peels of yellow onions in water. Either of these will yield yellow dye that you can decorate your eggs with.



Add some pastel tones to your eggs with some cranberry juice. Pour cranberry juice in a bowl and soak your eggs in it for a few minutes. You’ll soon have the perfect pink hue for your Easter decorations.


If you’re in need of more colors, Meyamo has created an instructional guide to creating handmade fruit and vegetable-based paints. Located at 8 First Avenue and 17 Church Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Embassy Apartments and Mill Place Apartments offer current and prospective residents ideal rental options in Orangeville.




Digital DIY Resources

apartments for rent in Orangeville, technology, decorating, DIYDo-it-yourself projects are a cost-effective way to add some customized character to your
Orangeville apartments. Give yourself a creative outlet by trying your hand at a DIY project that you can show off to your friends when it’s finished. For those who love making things or those who are looking to test the waters, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has narrowed down the search by selecting a few places you’ll find the best do-it-yourself inspiration, ideas and instructions.


Blogs are goldmines when it comes to do-it-yourself tutorials. While home décor DIYs are common, there are blogs that feature recipes, clothes, cosmetics and unconventional ways of using products.

 Rambling Renovators

Featuring simple organization tricks, installation tips, furniture makeovers and renovations that are shown from start to finish, Rambling Renovations is full of projects that the site’s creators have tried and tested in their home. Take a look at the Project Gallery, pick your favourite and drop by Home Depot to get all the supplies you need. Located on 49 Fourth Avenue, the store is less than five minutes away by car and is less than a 15-minute walk from both the Embassy Apartments and the Mill Place apartments.

The House of Smiths

If you want to update your furniture or antique items, ‘The House of Smith’s’ Projects and Tutorials page is filled to the brim with inventive ideas that will breathe new life into your belongings. Test a variety of tutorials including the Vinyl Gallery Wall Frames, DIY framed mirror or Chevron-painted rug on those thrift store gems you just purchased. Visit the Thrift Shop on 162 Broadway Avenue for reasonably priced furnishings that you can fix up. Located on 8 First Avenue and 17 Church Street, the Orangeville apartments are less than two minutes away by car and a walking distance of about five minutes.


Watch the creation of DIY projects and solutions before your eyes on the most popular video-sharing website in the world. Simply search what you want to create or visit channels that specialize in DIY videos to get started.


DIYNetwork, the official DIY Network YouTube channel, is a valuable resource for those looking to tackle home improvements and save money while doing so. Users also have the opportunity to ask experts and seek advice that will help them successfully create the DIY project of their dreams. Using this channel you can learn how to build a wood cabinet, install bathroom speakers or design a sideways deck and a whole lot more.


Aubrey, a graphic designer and creator of the DazzleDIY channel, walks users through a variety of DIYs that cover everything from beauty, fashion, art and home décor. For those who have just moved into an apartment or are looking to decorate, the channel’s Decorating an Apartment Kitchen and Cheap Room Décor videos are worth watching.


Pinterest’s 70 million users love to share their newfound knowledge and DIY tutorials with other subscribers or online users around the world.

DIY- Around the Home

Transform bedrooms, kitchens, ceilings and furniture by using Jenn Hyatt’s DIY – Around the Home Pinterest board as a guide. With over 311 pins, this board is full of ideas and inspiration that will result in a home that is more vibrant and personalized to your liking. DIY honeycomb shelves, green cleaning solutions and Ikea hacks are among the things you’ll find on this board.

DIY- Home Décor

If you’re ever wanted to restore or antique your furniture, give your bathroom a budget-friendly makeover or want to create seasonal décor items, this DIY Home Décor board by Michelle Kozimko will be an invaluable resource to you.

Whether you’re doing a DIY project to kill time or to add some additional aesthetic to your apartment, these digital DIY resources can act as both inspiration and as helpful guides. Make your Orangeville apartment with Williams and McDaniel feel like home by using décor to infuse your personality and distinctive style into the space.